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How To Antique Black Furniture

how to antique black furniture

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Denix Replicas 1115 Coach Shotgun Replica Double Barrel with Antique Black Finish

Denix Replicas 1115 Coach Shotgun Replica Double Barrel with Antique Black Finish

Denix Replicas - Coach Shotgun Replica Double Barrel with Antique Black Finish. Model: DX1115. 35" overall. 19 1/2" antique black finish steel barrel. Realistic, time-worn look and working parts just like the original 1881 percussion cap design. Hardwood stock. Thumb the top locking lever to the side and the gun breaks open like the original would for loading. Close and lock the barrels and cock both hammers, then pull the double triggers one at a time and the hammers will fall. Realistic weight, feel and action."

76% (18)

Breaking Glass

Breaking Glass

Kate (Hazel O'Connor) is the heroine of ''Breaking Glass,'' and before we get to anything else about her, let's talk about Kate's London apartment. It has some plants, some macrame, some antique mirrors and oak furniture and hats hung folksily on the wall. There are lots of books and bric-a-brac, and the place is cozy and tidy. Very serene. Very Woodstock. Very familiar.

The only thing wrong with this apartment is that it's not easy to believe Kate lives here. Kate is all black lipstick and whiteface makeup and frizzed hair, and she is supposed to be a punk poet and performer. She is supposed to be angry and alienated, macrame notwithstanding. ''Breaking Glass'' has no trouble leaving her in this relatively refined setting, though, because it means to be slick - the first slick movie about punk characters. If that sounds contradictory, it is.

''Breaking Glass,'' which opens today at the Eighth Street Playhouse, is a smooth, often skillful presentation of a character and her hopelessly incongruous story. The plotline is the stuff of standard music-business success stories - gifted, unspoiled singer struggles her way to the top of the heap, then sells out. When Kate first meets Danny (Phil Daniels), who will become her manager, she is in an alley, saying things like: ''I don't like the way life is for the majority of us. I don't say I can change it, but I can sing about it.'' Many, many angry songs later, Kate is at the top of the charts, looking less like a freak and more like David Bowie. There's a lesson there somewhere, but other, better movies taught it long ago.

Still, ''Breaking Glass'' is entertaining, thanks to several strong performances and a professionalism that often outweighs the fraudulence. Phil Daniels, who starred in the much better rock film ''Quadrophenia,'' is such a raw and receptive actor that he registers everything he witnesses with an intensity the audience can't help but share. Jonathan Pryce does an outstanding brief turn as Kate's saxophone player, turning an almost comic figure into the film's most touching one.

Miss O'Connor herself is energetic and surprising, and she makes Kate a character whose vulnerable side the audience is glad to see. Her Kate is shrewd enough to make the viewer wonder how much calculation goes into Kate's punk poses, though the movie takes them entirely at face value. Also, the latter ''I'm a Big Star'' portion of the movie suffers considerably from the fact that Miss O'Connor, who wrote and performs her own songs, isn't plausible in this part of the story. There's nothing about her music, which has been more than abundant throughout the film, to suggest she could rise to such dizzying eminence.

As written and directed by Brian Gibson, who is following very much in the tradition of ''Stardust'' and other rock versions of the ''A Star Is Born'' story, ''Breaking Glass'' is skillful and handsome in ways it doesn't entirely need to be. However, it's also lively and involving - even if it doesn't ring true.

''Breaking Glass'' is rated PG (''Parental Guidance Suggested''). It contains some strong language.

BREAKING GLASS, written and directed by Brian Gibson; director of photography, Stephen Goldblatt; edited by Michael Bradsell; music by Hazel O'Connor; produced by Davina Belling and Clive Parsons; released by Paramount Pictures. At the Eighth Street Playhouse, at the Avenue of the Americas. Running time: 94 minutes.

Danny . . . . . Phil Daniels
Kate . . . . . Hazel O'Connor
Woods . . . . . Jon Finch
Ken . . . . . Jonathan Pryce
Mick . . . . . Peter-Hugo Daly
Tony . . . . . Mark Wingett
Dave . . . . . Gary Tibbs
Campbell . . . . . Charles Wegner
Fordyce . . . . . Mark Wing-Davey
Davis . . . . . Hugh Thomas
Andy . . . . . Derek Thompson
Brian . . . . . Nigel Humphreys

Janet Maslin New York Times 17 April 1981

Let it Fly

Let it Fly

Outtake from today's 365.

Emmy tagged me to do a 10 things about me dealio. Here we go.

[01] I graduate in June! That is both a wonderful thought and a somewhat scary one. It'll be weird not being in school...

[02] I bought a Holga recently. It's yellow and wonderful and I named him Pineapple. You'll see some photos from us in the coming weeks. :]

[03] My website, which I've been trying to figure out how I wanted for ages, is almost going up. It's super simple and not at all how I want the final product to be, but it will be present and accounted for very soon. I'll share when it's online so you can see.

[04] I'm thinking about selling things. That's vague, but true. I'd like to start designing t-shirts, maybe with a friend of mine, and doing an online store. We'll see, I guess. Also thinking about putting some prints and things up on Etsy. That is more likely.

[05] My birthday is coming up and I'm really excited.

[06] I'm turning 20, and though this isn't one of those big deal ages like 16, 18 or 21, I'm planning on making it something special. After all, there will be two full decades of me being around. That's fun, right? :)

[07] I find myself wanting to go to more antique stores. And buying things that I have no room for, like awesome furniture or props for shoots.

[08] My sister and I finally bought a bookshelf! Now maybe our room won't look like such a disaster! Here's hoping.

[09] I've put off reading for my classes all day. Art history and Communications books will be waiting for me. And I can't outrun them.

[10] I got a prank call at work the other day. At first, I couldn't understand what was being said. Then this voice that I decided to be a woman with a strange accent, started talking to me about loofas. I told her that we had them and they were on sale for less than $2. She replied positively and then asked if they were real or not. I was honest and told her I had no idea (and mentally added what you're talking about). Then she asked if it wasn't my department. We don't have departments. I told her so. "Oh." So then I hear someone in the background but the noise goes away and she says "Loofas are a creature from the sea, aren't they?" And then, literally, I think 'You have GOT to be kidding me.' That was when I realized that this was a prank call. And that the woman I was speaking with was a man. I didn't say anything. "Hellooooo? Are loofas sea creatures?" I say nothing. "Are loofas creatures?" And then I promptly hung up and went back to helping actual customers. He called back and my manager talked to him about exfoliating gloves causing bodily harm. I won't get into that. But luckily, that was his last call to us that day.

So if you're tagged in this photo... that means you need to do it, too. Ok? Okay.

how to antique black furniture

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